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Traditional Herbs to Boost the Body's Immune

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the government recommends all people to maintain their immunity or immune system. The goal is to be able to survive several potential viruses and diseases. In addition to paying attention to the condition of the body, a number of multivitamins are also needed to support the body's immune system.

Several types of traditional herbs that function as immune system enhancers include:


Ginger is a natural ingredient that has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. By consuming ginger regularly various viruses can be prevented. In addition, there are substances that function as a repellent to the effects of aging and provide maximum brain development in children who are still in the growth stage.

By mixing ginger with lemon juice and honey in boiling water, one's immunity will always be maintained. Currently ginger can also be obtained in the form of powder, supplements and roots. If you want to mix your own ingredients, you can also buy ginger and then clean it before consuming it.

~ Turmeric ~

The next traditional herb is turmeric. This spice contains anti-inflammatory properties that can fight free radicals. Turmeric also serves to treat someone who has digestive disorders. If a person's digestion is healthy, of course their immunity can be maintained optimally.

~ Cinnamon ~

A natural traditional ingredient that also functions to maintain the body's next immunity is cinnamon. The content of iron, magnesium and potassium in cinnamon can increase the body's immunity. Diabetics are also highly recommended to consume cinnamon because it can stabilize blood sugar.

~ Garlic ~

Who would have thought that this one kitchen spice is also very good for maintaining the body's immune system. Garlic has a very extraordinary content to fight viruses.

~ Nutmeg ~

Nutmeg is better known as one of the ingredients for making processed foods. Besides functioning to maintain healthy skin, overcoming insomnia, and being able to control blood pressure, it turns out that nutmeg is very good for increasing the body's immunity. Please combine it with a number of food recipes that are consumed every day to get the benefits of nutmeg.

~ Pepper ~

Traditional medicine that is often found in a number of restaurants is pepper. Pepper is great for protecting the body from free radicals. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties make pepper very good for maintaining the immune system.

Those are a number of traditional herbs that you can use to increase your immune system or daily immunity at home. If the body's immunity continues to decline, various symptoms of heartburn usually occur such as sore throat, cracked lips and canker sores.